Supporting Carer’s Project

Complementary Care Receives Funding from Richmond Parish Lands Charity to Help Local Carer’s

We have been awarded funding to support our work with local carer’s.

The funding from Richmond Parish Lands Charity, is providing funding for Reflexology treatments and Counselling sessions.

This has been so well received by local carer’s. These sessions provide comfort, relaxation, relieve stress and anxiety and provide emotional support.

Complementary Care says: We are very grateful to Richmond Parish Lands Charity who were incredibly supportive in helping us move forward with this project. Now, thanks to them we will be able to offer support to local people who care for others.

M. Davies – Local carer says: ” These therapies have really helped me have some much needed time for myself and enabled me to take a step back from the stress of responsibility. They helped me see I need to look after myself if I am to look after anyone else.