Bonded Thru Cancer

Complementary Care is now working with Bonded Thru Cancer offering weekly Reflexology Therapy clinics for service users, carers and supporters of the charity.

Bonded Thru Cancer is a bespoke Charity that helps meet the needs of the cancer community. They partner with other organisations and services to tackle the problems being faced together. They are available from the beginning of the cancer journey and throughout, giving the personal touch with the belief that no one should feel alone when going through a cancer diagnosis.

Complementary Care says: We are very excited to work with Natasha Veerasawmy at Bonded Thru Cancer. It is an amazing charity with a fantastic team and we are happy to be able to offer our services here with our mutual aim of supporting people going through this difficult time. We are also looking forward to working on further projects in the future together.

Natasha Veerasawmy Founder and CEO of Bonded Thru Cancer says: I am very pleased to have teamed up with Complementary Care to start offering Reflexology Therapy to cancer patients and their carers. As soon as I had this therapy myself, I realised how beneficial and supportive this can be for people living with and recovering from cancer and the effects of treatment. I am very pleased to be able to add it to the list of services we offer here at Bonded Thru Cancer.