About Us

Carolyn and Julie met when they were 12 years old and bonded through a love of Wham and some truly awful hairstyles! The Geordie girls left Newcastle for a mix of Uni and various PA jobs. They were eventually reunited in their early twenties. Julie had discovered Rock music and spent many years almost conquering the world. Carolyn worked as a PA before opening her own health and beauty business in Richmond, where she loved getting involved with the local community.

Life being life, there have been many challenges thrown up along the way. For Julie, the biggest was learning her best friend Carolyn had been diagnosed with breast cancer. It wasn’t ideal for Carolyn either! It led to a lot of re-evaluation on both sides. Julie had already considered training to be a therapist and Carolyn knew she wanted to make changes and focus on what she felt was important to her. Her own personal experience had made her aware of the support that was missing for so many going through life threatening illness or times of unexpected hardship.

Julie is now a qualified and experienced Counsellor and Carolyn is a force of nature (Julie’s Quote) with 20 years experience of working as a Complementary Therapist. She is also in the final stages of training as a Counsellor and her placement is with Headstrong Counselling

In June 2019 they formed Complementary Care C.I.C. Their work helps projects directly for causes close to their hearts which brings much satisfaction. They also love networking with people (they are from Newcastle) from a wide variety of other organisations and great projects along the way. They are also pleased to announce their hairstyles are slightly better these days….