Our Mission

Complementary Care is a funded Community Interest Company which provides cost free treatments to make them accessible to various projects and their service users who would benefit during difficult times. Counselling and Complementary Therapy can offer additional support and we feel this should be available to everyone regardless of limited finances and long waiting lists.

Complementary Care C.I.C. The objects of the company are to carry out activities which benefit the community, in particular, and without limitation, to offer free therapies in a charitable manner to people experiencing/recovering from illness, palliative care, people living in isolation and the elderly within local communities.

All of our therapists outsource their work to other causes and work privately so if you have a project that requires any of our services collaboratively or individually, please contact us and we would be happy to discuss this. We are always looking for funding sources to allow the company to offer Counselling and Complementary Therapies to other groups of people in need. We have a list of projects that require funding for great causes and we are also happy to work with you on your own cause with your funding.

Throughout life we are subject to circumstances and events which will challenge us. From loss of a loved one to personal illness and loneliness, events come about which might mean we have to adapt to a life different to one we once had. For some, support through these times can be extremely helpful and can help them get through periods of feeling low or ill health and recovery. Our complementary service is positioned to support those going through such situations.

At Complementary Care, we provide a free platform for you to discuss your circumstances, your feelings, emotions, relationships and thinking patterns and to support you with Complementary Therapies that can help restore some balance. We are funded in order to provide Counselling and Complementary Therapies to service users who may not otherwise find this accessible. We offer a confidential, non-judgmental platform where your issues are dealt with in an empathic manner.

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